Google Fit-A Fitness Tracking App From Google

Google Fit-A Fitness Tracking App From Google

Google Fit:A fitness tracking app from Google launched on Wednesday and is now available to download on Google play store. This app can be considered as rival for Apple’s HealthKit. Google Fit app requires Android v4.0 or above to run.

Google Fit-a Fitness tracking app from Google

Google Fit will link with the user’s existing Google account and function as a central dashboard for tracking user’s fitness activities. It uses the sensors in the Android device to track walking and other activities. Users can also add exercises and activities like running, cycling and set activity goals. It is great tool to check how active you are and check your progress as you work on your goals.

You can connect third party apps and devices such as Android wear smartwatches and fitness trackers to Google Fit. Google Fit’s dashboard is also available on web, tracks your activities over time and progress towards your goals. Users can access their health data via their Google account on Web. You can also connect your favorite fitness apps and devices like Withings, Runkeeper, Strava, and Noom Coach to Google Fit. You will find all your data at a single place.

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Company has also rolled out full versions of its Google Fit APIs for developers for enabling third party apps integration. Google Fit SDK preview was released in august to help developers build health and fitness apps for the health tracking platform. There are three sets of APIs: Sensor API, Recording API and History API to meet the specific developer needs. Nike, Adidas, Runkeeper, Motorola, Asus, LG and HTC are the first to make apps for the Google Fit as announced earlier this year.

Now there is no need to use different fitness apps for different activities as Google Fit provides all at a single place. It also provides performance based recommendations so as to improve your fitness and be healthy.

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