Google Chrome’s New Extension Google Translate: An Eye

Google as we all know has become a definition to internet for a whole lot of people. The Google Chrome is one of the most used and most loaded browsers. One of the most important points to back the above statement can be that Google has got a wide variety of extensions to serve a whole lot of purposes. In this article we are going to discuss one such release i.e. the Google Chrome’s New Extension Google Translate. With the help of this extension one can say goodbye to language barriers.

Google Chrome’s New Extension Google Translate

Starting with what is a Google Translate actually is? And what is its use? So a Google Translate just like the other features is an Extension that can be used to translate a particular webpage or a small piece of article. Earlier it was a problem that a particular word or text cannot be translated but now it’s possible with the help of the new extension. When we are browsing there may be a situation when the web page we clicked is in some other language. The Google translate was made just to make sure that every individual is capable of reading all the web pages weather they are in his comfort zone or not. The new extension can be downloaded from the Google Chrome’s web store. On highlighting a certain text in some other language you’ll automatically get a Translate icon which is to be clicked to translate the text into the desired language. Also to translate the entire web page an icon on the top right corner is available clicking on which makes your webpage available to you the way you want.

So this was all about the Google Chrome’s New Extension Google Translate, which is available in the Google Chrome web store. For Further doubts and queries feel free to share via comments..

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