Google Chrome For iOS Updated With New Features

Google has updated Chrome browser for iOS8 users of iPhone and iPads. Google Chromefor iOS will now support third-party app extensions on iOS8. Google Chrome for iOS has been added with iOS8 compatibilty. Now iOS8 users can send a webpage in their read-later service pocket via chrome browser and can also share it on Linkedin.
Previously Chrome supported data sharing back and forth on Android, but with this new update Chrome will take advantage of app extensions that are supported by iOS8. Google Chrome’s sharing menu will now show additional sharing options from apps that you have installled and support the new app extension feature.
Previously Twitter and Instapaper have released their updates for the new iOS8 OS with revamped user interface, Now Google in its Chrome and Microsoft in its Skype have made updates for supporting the new iOS8. These updates are mainly to provide users new sharing and accessibility features.

Google Chrome For iOS
The new Google Chrome for iOS (v37.0.2062.60) now supports third party app extensions. It also includes some Stability improvements and bug fixes with it. These imrovements come in addition with present Chrome features. Whereas the new version of Skype for iOS (v5.5) will use of interactive notification system of iOS8 and let users answer/decline voice or video calls or access text conversations directly from the lock screen and notification center. It has provided options for choosing calls via voice or video, or to return the call or reply in text for missed calls are also available.

Skype for iOS
In addition to the usual bug fixes the Chrome for iOS is now been optimized for iOS8 and has introduced additional support for services via app extensions. But you will not be able to install any of Chrome’s Desktop extensions. It can be shared directly to any other apps on your device if they support the feature.
The updated Google Chrome for iOS is now available to download on the App Store now.

New Features in Google Chrome for iOS (version 37.0.2062.60)

Support for using third party app extensions to share and post content.
Improvements in Stability and Bug fixes.
The new iOS8 Compatibilty.

As we know all the companies are rolloing out their updates for the new iOS8 slowly. So be ready and get the new features of the updates on your iOS8 for better user interface and experience of using apps.
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