How To Fix VLC Error 1814: 100% Working Guide

Fix VLC Error 1814:- For those people who love watching videos and love to listen music, VLC Media player is like their lifeline. This is so because VLC is the type of media player which is capable of playing almost all formats of media in it. Although the VLC media player is considered as one of the best media players available till date but there are some errors associated with this media player too. Today in this article we are going to discuss about one such error and i’ll provide you the easiest and best ways to fix this issue. So in this article today i’m going to tell you how to fix VLC error 1814 with the easiest method possible.

fix vlc error 1814

Fix VLC Error 1814:-

Now before getting towards how to fix VLC error 1814 let’s quickly take a look at what are the causes and symptoms of VLC error 1814 and how to get rid of it. Many a times it may happen that you open your VLC media player and a error window pops out saying “Unable to Elevate error: 1814”. This type of error basically comes into action when you have an incomplete or corrupted VLC.  This error also comes if the windows registry is corrupt and also due to any virus or malware attack. The major symptoms of this type of error are active program window may crash or the error message may appear on your screen or your PC may freeze for few seconds etc. SO these were all the symptoms and causes of VLC error 1814. Now let’s take a look at how to fix VLC error 1814.

Given below are some easy methods to fix VLC error 1814:

Method 1:

The first method to fix VLC error 1814 tackles the problem if there is a corrupt VLC media player. SO you need to uninstall your VLC media player and install it once again after downloading it from the web. just follow the easy guide:

  • First of all go to control panel.
  • Head towards add or remove programs.
  • Search for VLC media player.
  • Click on uninstall and you’re done.
  • Now all you have to do is download VLC media player form here.
  • Install this and you are done with how to fix VLC error 1814.

Method 2:

This method to fix VLC error 1814 is regarding the registry errors. In most of the cases this error occurs basically due to registry errors therefore i’m providing a tool to fix the registry errors and thereby it will fix VLC error 1814.

  • First of all download RegCure Pro from here.
  • Install it in your PC.
  • Once installed just scan your PC.
  • It will show the list of errors. just click on repair all.
  • you’re done with how to fix VLC error 1814.


So this was all about how to fix VLC error 1814. In the end just would like to conclude by saying that follow the methods given above and you’ll never face the 1814 error again. For further doubts and queries regarding how to fix VLC error 1814 please feel free to share via comments. Thank You.

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