Fix Android Error 492 : Best Ways

Fix Android Error 492:- Errors are a type of inseparable part of any gadget. While working with our gadgets almost each one of us face errors. So the recovery from these errors is a very beneficial part as without which we can’t perform our required task. Android as we all know is an open operating system which supports a whole lot of apps to serve our purpose. It has got its own app store called as the play store. So the play store has got a lot of apps which can be used in a variety of ways to make things work.

Fix android error 492

So one such error associated with the play store is the error 492. This error basically comes when you are either installing or updating any app from the play-store. Error comes that the app cannot be downloaded due to error ( which is the error 492). This is a very basic error and occurs for only few apps. The major reasons for facing this type of error maybe because there is a problem with the app itself, due to cache problems or due to any problem in the external SD card. So in this article we’ll learn how to fix android error 492. Following are few easy and working steps to fix android error 492.

  • Re-install Apps:

First of all the error may occur due to the app not properly installed. So what you can do is that stop the app installation close the play store and restart it again, and then re-install the app once again. See if this solves your problem else follow the next step.

  • Clear Cache:

Now the problem also arises due to cache problems. So clearing cache is one more solution to the problem. Now you just have to follow some very easy steps to clear cache in your smartphone.

  1. Just head on to your device “settings”
  2. Move to “Manage Apps”
  3. Now click on the “Google Play store”
  4. After opening the play store click on the option “Clear Cache and data”
  5. After doing this you can install the apps.
  • Format External SD Card:

Now if the above two steps are not able to serve the purpose then you may try formatting your SD card, because at times the error 492 gets encountered due to a corrupted SD card. For this purpose just make a backup of your all important data and format your SD card after which you can re install the app which you needed.


So this was all about how to fix Android error 492. In the end just would like to conclude by saying that try these easy and working methods and you’ll definitely solve the problem. For further doubts and queries or if you have any other recovery method regarding the method then please feel free to share via comments

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