Export Ledger In Tally Erp 9: Very Easy Method

Export Ledger In Tally Erp 9: Very Easy Method Tally is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) business management system software. This program lets business owners and managers to oversee all business undertakings from a single program and from anywhere they are.

From Tally Erp 9, managers have access to and control of accounting, branch management, finance, payroll and point of sales.

export ledger in tally erp 9

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Benefits and Features of Tally ERP 9

For businesses to succeed, owners and managers rely on accurate and timely reports and data about all aspects of their business. From manufacturing to sales, every bit of information must “tally” with what’s on paper against the physical inventory or the actual goods sold. Even more important, the financial aspect of the company should always be considered to ensure the survival of the business.

In the early days, business account books were done manually. Aside from being tedious, this practice is very prone to human error. One wrong entry and the whole business can suffer. This is the reason behind all electronic erp systems.

With the advancements in modern technology, the mundane task of keeping business accounts is handled electronically via a centralized accounting software. One of these productivity software is Tally ERP 9.

With Tally ERP 9, business owners and managers have access to vital data of their businesses at the tip of their fingertips. Everything is done faster and the information can be made available/accessible anywhere with the proper authorization.

Tally ERP 9 is an affordable, easy to use, flexible, reliable and secure software for businesses. With that said, I shall now show you how to export ledger In Tally Erp 9 using a very easy method.

Export Ledger In Tally Erp 9: Very Easy Method

This procedure will show you how to export ledger in Tally ERP 9 to Excel. Just do the easy to follow procedure below.

Step 1. Open Tally ERP 9.

Step 2. From the “Main Page“, go to “Accounts Info“.

Step 3. Go to “Display” from the “Accounts Info” Menu.

export ledger in tally erp 9

Step 4. From “Accounts“, go to “Ledger“.

export ledger in tally erp 9

Step 5. In “Ledger“, choose the data you want to export.

Step 6. Adjust/select the period you need to “export“.

export ledger in tally erp 9

Step 7. Press the key combination “Alt + E“. This command will export your chosen data into an Excel file.

export ledger in tally erp 9

Step 8. Select “Yes” from the “Export” box.

Step 9. Wait for the Tally to finish the export process. After this step, you are done but if you want you can go to step 10  to export your data to other formats.

Step 10. Choose the format you want for your data.

export ledger in tally erp 9

Exporting Tally ERP 9 ledger is easy if you follow this guide. If you found this post useful, please share it with your friends. Kindly leave a comment below to tell us what you think.

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