How To Download Showbox On PS3: Android Method

How To Download Showbox On PS3: Android Method – Showbox is an app designed to stream/download movies and TV series from the web. It works for the iOS, Android and the PC. Showbox allows users to watch HD movies for free.

Right now, there is no way to install the app on the PS3 but you can still use Showbox on your PlayStation console by using your android phone. PS3 developers/hackers have not yet ported the Showbox app to the console. Although this is the case, you can still watch movies on your PS3 via Showbox. This article will show you how to stream/watch movies and TV series on your PS3 using your android device.

As always, we do not condone piracy. The purpose of this guide is to show you that there is a way to watch movies on your PS3 using the Showbox app.


Download ShowBox On PS3

ShowBox On PS3

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How To Install Showbox On Android Mobile

To use Showbox with the PS3, you must first install the app on your android smartphone. Follow the procedure below to do this.

  1. Download Showbox from this link. If you used a computer to download the apk file, transfer it to your smartphone.
  2. Install the downloaded Showbox apk file by tapping on it.
  3. Let the installation finish.
  4. Check your app drawer and look for the Showbox app.

Download Showbox On PS3

Once you have Showbox installed on your mobile, you are now ready to stream movies/TV series to your PS3. All you have to do now is to connect your android smartphone to your PS3, open the Showbox app and start watching your favorite movie/TV series.

The procedure below will show you how to pair your android smartphone with your PS3.

How To Download Showbox On PS3: Android Method

Aside from ShowBox, you must have two other apps of your android smartphone to watch movies on your PS3. Follow the instructions below for the complete procedure.

  1. Install iMediaShare and MX Player on your smartphone.
  2. After installing both apps, open iMediaShare.
  3. Let the app run a minute or so.
  4. Open ShowBox.
  5. Select any movie/TV Series you want to watch.
  6. Uncheck “Use Internal Player” on Showbox’s interface.
  7. Choose “Download” and let the movie/TV Series complete its download.
  8. After the download is finished, touch “Watch Now“.
  9. MX Player will automatically open and start playing your movie.
  10. Hit the “Pause” button on MX Player.
  11. Touch the “Options” on MX Player’s interface.
  12. Choose “Tools“, then “Share“.
  13. On your PS3, choose “Video“.
  14. Choose “iMediaShare
  15. Choose “Video” again, then “Now Playing“.
  16. You can now watch the Movie/TV Series on your PS3 or
  17. Push the “Triangle” on your PS3’s Controller then choose “Copy” to transfer the movie to your PS3.

You can watch the video below to see the how its done.

You can now watch movies on your PS3 using Showbox.

If you found our guide “How To Download Showbox On PS3: Android Method” helpful, please let us know. You can also share it with your friends who are Movie/TV Series addicts and want to watch them on their PS3.

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