How To Download Showbox For iPhone : Easy Method

How To Download Showbox For iPhone : Easy Method – We all love watching movies and TV shows. We have televisions in almost all rooms in our houses. Technology has also made it possible to watch movies and TV shows on our gadgets like mobile phones and tables. This is a great way to watch films and TV series on the go. We are no longer tied to the television for our viewing pleasure. With Showbox for the iPhone, we can watch anywhere and anytime we want. For this article, we are going to guide you on how to download and install Showbox for the iPhone.

How To Download Showbox For iPhone : Easy Method

Showbox For The iPhone

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When we say iPhone, this covers all compatible iDevices and not just the iPhone. You can also install Showbox on your iPod Touch and your iPads. The procedure will be the same.

Showbox for the iPhone has been renamed Moviebox. It’s the same program but with a different name. This was done to distinguish the app from it’s Android counterpart. Technically, we will be installing Moviebox on your iPhone. Stating this early on will clear any confusion on which app we are installing.

Moviebox has tons of films and TV shows collections. These range from all genre: horror, comedy, action, drama, documentaries and everything in between. Same goes for TV show. You can also get the latest series. You can watch them at your convenience after installing Moviebox on your iPhone.

Your iPhone need not be jailbroken to install Moviebox. Installation is very easy as we will provide you the link and the QR Code to download the app. As always, we want to emphasize that we do not condone piracy and this guide is here just to show the readers how to install Movie Box on the iPhone.

Some sites will trick you by saying you are installing Showbox on your iPhone. Showbox is NOT available for the iOS system. Moviebox is the one available for the iPhone. Here at, we do not want to dupe you. We will be installing Moviebox on your iPhone.

How To Download Showbox For iPhone : Easy Method

Moviebox App

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How To Download Showbox For iPhone : Easy Method

  1. Turn on your iPhone and go to this site and either click the “Install App”  button or scan the QR Code.
  2. Wait for the app to download and automatically install on your iPhone.
  3. After installation, touch the “Moviebox” icon and search for the movie or the series you want to watch.

That’s it! You have just installed Showbox/Moviebox for the iPhone. Now you can enjoy all the movies and TV show you want.

If you found how to download showbox for iPhone : easy method on useful, please let us know. We would appreciate it if you share it with your movie/series buff friends.

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