Download Picpal APK For Android/iOS: Take Group Selfies With All Friends

Download PicPal APK for Android and iOS: Taking selfies is one of the most performed tasks on smartphones today. It is been a fashion for now to take selfies and share it with friends and family members. However due to busy life of the modern era it’s not always possible to take selfies with all of your friends. Don’t worry, there is Picpal app to take group selfies with all friends even when they are away from you. You can take group selfies with all friends using Picpal app for Android, iOS or Windows. All you have to do is to download Picpal apk for iOS, Android or Windows phone and start taking group selfies with your loved ones at any time regardless of location.

download Picpal APK for Android, iOS

Picpal app for Android and iOS is launched by MyndBee. You can take joint selfies with Picpal app by bringing together all your friends at the same time regardless of their location. You can download Picpal Apk for Android or iOS from the links given below and start taking group selfies with all your friends any time.

Download Picpal APK for Android/iOS and take group selfies

Download PicPal APK for Android

Download Picpal APK for iOS

Picpal APP for Android/iOS: Description

  • See all friends in a single picture collage, no matter the distance between you.
  • Picpal your friends and watch those cheeky, tender, exciting, fun moments transform into a group picture collage.
  • Apply fun filter, doodles, vignettes and a lot more to your photos!
  • Share collages with other friends on Picpal, Instagram or Facebook.

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After you download Picpal APK on your smartphone use it to take joint selfies with your friends. Given below is a detailed guide on how to take joint selfies using Picpal app.

  • Download Picpal APK for Android or iOS depending on your device from links provided above
  • Install the Picpal app on your Android or iOS, open the app and click on Start button to invite your friends for selfie.

Download Picpal APK for iOS

  • You can invite up to three friends to take joint selfies with you.
  • Your invited friends will have 15 minutes of time to respond to your Picpal request and send across their selfies to you.
  • After timely response all the selfies will be combined to form a single collage by Picpal app.

picpal app for iOS,Android

  • You can retake/edit the group selfies using Picpal app tools, you can also add texts to selfies.
  • All your selfies will be there in your Picpal gallery, which can be shared within the app, Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram or anywhere else.

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You can invite friends from Facebook or by sending a text message. Picpal app for Android/iOS is the first app that combines social media, real time collages and selfies into a single app. Picpal app is currently available for free on iTunes and Google Play Store. Just download Picpal APK for Android or iOS and start taking group selfies with your friends regardless of location. However Picpal app for Windows phone is not available yet now. We will updateas soon as the Picpal app for Windows phone is available. If you have any other query, share with us by commenting below. Please share us with your friends, family and colleagues. Thank you……..

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