Download Lucky Block Mod 1.8: Easy MineCraft Mod Install

Download Lucky Block Mod 1.8: Easy MineCraft Mod Install – I’m sure you’re all familiar with MineCraft. The game was first released as MineCraft Classic on May 17, 2009 and MineCraft version 1.0 was unleashed on November 18, 2011. Since then the game has spawned more than a hundred (thousands even) of MineCraft clones because the game was a huge success!

MineCraft has a very simple gameplay coupled with its retro-styled interface. Players need to build anything they want: from simple houses to entire villages/worlds. The game provides users with various materials to build their own world. Every building material imaginable is available in the game.

Not only can players create buildings/structures in the game, they can also add almost anything they want. Players can add animals, plants, rivers, hills, mountains, etc…Its up to the players imagination and there is no limit to what a gamer can build.

download lucky block mod

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For this article, we are going to show you a way to download Lucky Block Mod for MineCraft. This mod is a favorite among players because of the element of surprise it brings to the game.

download lucky block mod

Using the Lucky Block Mod, gamers can add a single block to their game. But this single block is like a joker in a deck of cards. It could become anything! The new version of the Lucky Block can bring forth not only blocks but also animals, monsters and other imaginable matter in the game’s universe. Your game will become even more exciting as you mine the Lucky Block and guess what it will become!

Download Lucky Block Mod 1.8: Getting The Mod

Before we show you how to download Lucky Block, let us first tell you some new features of the mod. You can find the list below.

Luck Levels

  1. Putting the Lucky Block with certain items in the crafting table can give you different “Luck Levels”.
  2. The “Luck” level of of a Lucky Block is shown using a bar ranged from 0 to 100.
  3. Lucky Block with high luck levels will spawn something useful for you.
  4. Conversely, Lucky Block with negative values (0 to -100) will give you something nasty.
  5. In the creative inventory, there are three Lucky Block with luck levels of normal, 80 and -80.
  6. Stacking can only be done with Lucky Block with luck level of zero.
  7. You can find the list of items that affects the luck level under “Crafting”.


  1. Lucky Block supports generation inside custom structures.
  2. Present structures include a quartz “Greek Temple, a wreckage of Stone Bricks and Netherrack.
  3. Lucky Block inside the temple have luck levels from 50 to 100.
  4. Lucky Block inside a wreckage have luck levels from -50 to -100.
  5. Spontaneous Lucky Block spawning is 50% on its own or within a structure.
  6. Solitary Lucky Block have a luck level from -20 to 20.
  7. “Back to 1” spawn rate occurs 200 per chunk.


There are more than 100 new drops added to Lucky Block.

  1. A collection of fish ( with fishing rod).
  2. A pig-riding villager.
  3. A temple that has 8 Lucky Blocks.
  4. Horses and silly messages.

Other Features

  1. A collection of spell/enchantment books.
  2. A bouquet of flowers.
  3. A Ghost.
  4. A Witch.
  5. Differently colored-skin tamed cats.
  6. Differently colored-collars tamed wolves.
  7. Positive-effect lucky potions.
  8. Negative-effect unlucky potions.
  9. Magma Cube and Giant Slime.
  10. Three trading villagers.
  11. Three wishing wells.

Now that you know some of the new features of Lucky Blocks, let us now get it so you can use it in your game!

Lucky Block Mod Installation Procedure

  1. Get MineCraft Forge for your MineCraft version.
  2. Get the Lucky Block Mod here.
  3. Proceed to %appdata%.
  4. Go to “.minecraft/mods” folder.
  5. Copy (drag and drop) the downloaded jar/zip file into this folder. Create one if it doesn’t exist.
  6. Start your game.

You can now have a lot of fun with your MineCraft game using Lucky Block Mod. Watch the video below to see the Mod in action.

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