Document Writer for iPhone and iPad: An Eye

Apple Products as we all know has captivated almost every market worldwide. The products are well known and one of the most reputed segments as per gadgets is concerned. Like the android there are a whole lot of apps available in the Apple store (itunes), but the only disadvantage is that many of the apps in the store are paid. Now talking about the need of a Document, the documents play a very crucial role in one’s life. Almost every person has got documents. To edit or read the documents various software are there like for the windows there is MS Office. But as we all know that one cannot be in touch with his PC every time so in that case there must be some reader or editor for the phones too as phone is the thing that is kept with the user almost every time. So in this Article we’ll talk about the Document Writer For iPhone and iPad.

Document wrietr for iPhone and iPad

A Document writer is a very close competition to the Microsoft’s MS Office. It is an app for Document reading, editing etc in various apple devices like the iPhone, iPad even the iPod touch but the only requirement is that you should have a version of iOS 5.0 or later The Document Writer is a best pack for document writing and editing. It allows you to create, edit documents. It also allows us to create spreadsheets and scan documents and convert them into PDF. The app is made with such an amazing style that you can fill forms, sign and send them. It provides all the necessary features like change text type (bold, italic, underlined etc) also it also provides you the feature of importing images and fitting it to your document. Also it can erase copy paste any text. It can also scan images and documents to PDF. The documents can then be directly sent over the web without any difficulty. The Document Writer also gives you the user the ability to save voice memos and voice notes. The user interface of the app is also quite simple and it also allows the feature of drop and drag etc. The app works perfectly without any issues, it works offline too. The app is not so large, its size is only 18 mb but the one and only problem with the app is that it is a paid one and is available for Rs 370 in the iTunes.

In the end just would like to conclude by saying that it is an amazing app that gives you an easy and best way to scan, edit, write documents without switching on your PC. It is available in the iTunes for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch with operating system 5.0 or later.

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