How to Disable Login Screen in Windows 10

Disable Login Screen in Windows 10:- Windows as we all know is one of the best operating systems as per your desktop or laptop is concerned. To work efficiently on a computer system you need to have a windows version installed in it. Windows also have evolved a lot after its discovery. Now before windows 8, the window versions we used were quite easy to work upon and had a quite easy user interface. Then after windows 7, windows 8 and further started a tiled fashion, which was although quite cool but was a bit difficult and complicated for a whole lot of users. But then all the windows started the same fashion.

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Disable login screen in windows 10

Now one more thing is that the windows nowadays are getting smarter day by day in order to give you more security. So nowadays a windows pc which you must be using if it has got a windows 8 or windows 10 versions then it is tied to your live account. So which means it works in accordance to any of your live account for which you have to enter the same password, due to which your email / Hotmail gets opened or from which you buy apps from the windows store. Though this scheme has its own effects and defects, first of all it adds to your security but it’s very annoying to give the password every time you open your system. So if someone is not bothered about the security feature then here’s an article for you people which will guide you to disable login screen in windows 10. Following are the steps by which you can disable the login screen in windows 10. Follow the below given steps on How to disable password login screen in Windows 10.

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How to Disable Login Screen in Windows 10 : Easy Guide

  • First of all right click on the start button and open the “run” window. Type “netplwiz” and hit enter.

How to disable login screen in Windows 10

  • This will open the user accounts window. Although there are many other methods by which you can open this window, but why to do so much efforts when you can get your work done in just a single step. Now if you have made more than one login accounts then you may apply this disabling scheme to any one of the accounts so that you don’t have to enter the password every time all you have to do is to Untick the “users must enter a username and password to use this computer”. After which you just have to click on the “apply” button at the bottom.

Disable login screen in windows 10

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  • The last step to this guide is to restart your system in order to complete the process. After which you’ll no longer have to enter a password to use your system.


So this was an easy tutorial about how to disable login screens in windows 10. In the end just would like to conclude by saying that this disabling scheme has got its own pros and cons, on one side it sets a password free system to you while it also hinders your privacy scheme so use this step very wisely in order to enjoy full benefits.

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