How to Disable Bloatware on Android Without Root

How to Disable Bloatware on Android: Bloatware apps are the pre-installed apps on Android devices as freebies. Everyone likes freebies most of the time, but almost all bloatware apps on Android remain unused all the time. However the bloatware apps use the system resources in background process. They consume lot of RAM and processor also. So it is important to disable bloatware on Android. However you can’t uninstall Bloatware apps from Android completely, but you can disable bloatware on Android with ease. You can also use third party apps to remove bloatware apps from Android. We’ll discuss about how to disable bloatware apps on Android in this article, just go through the article and you will be able to disable Android Bloatware or uninstall bloatware apps from Android easily.

DIsable Bloatware on Android

As we know the bloatware apps slow down the performance of Android device by eating up resources all the time. So it becomes necessary to disable Android Bloatware apps. Follow the instructions below to disable bloatware on Android without root.

How to Disable Bloatware on Android

There are several methods to disable bloatware on Android. You can do it from the “App Settings” of your device or by using third party apps. However there are several apps which claim to uninstall bloatware apps from Android completely. We’ll also include one of them in this article, but will not recommend to do that.

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Disable Bloatware apps on Android

  • Go to Settings >> Applications (Apps) >> Manage Applications >> All
  • Select the bloatware app which you want to disable

disable Bloatware apps on Android

  • Now select Disable
  • Ignore the warning message and press Yes

Use third apps to remove Bloatware from Android

Using Debloater to remove Bloatware from Android

Debloater is a Windows program, install Debloater on PC and connect your device via USB. Debloater requires “ADB Drivers” to work.

Note: Disabling system (Bloatware) apps may stop the apps which are needed by your Android to run. So be sure with what you are doing and keep a backup of your device apps and data.

Download Debloater from here

Download ADB Drivers here

  • Now install Debloater on your PC and activate Developer mode on your Android device. To activate developer mode in Android go to “Settings >> About Phone >> Tap on “Build Number” entry several times (7-8) to bring up the hidden developer menu.
  • Now go back to “About Phone” submenu, you will see a new “Develop options” menu.
  • Tap on “Develop options” and enable USB debugging and tap on “Ok”
  • Now start using Debloater to disable Bloatware on Android. To do this:
  • Connect your Android to PC via USB >> Open Debloater program
  • Under Activity Status in top left click Read Phone Packages to display a list of all APK files on device.

disable bloatware on Android

  • Select the apps you want to disable on your Android and tap on Apply. This is all you have to do to disable bloatware on Android. Follow the same procedure with all apps you want to remove. You can also re-enable bloatware apps on Android using Debloater.

Using NoBloat Free to uninstall Bloatware Apps from Android

Download NoBloat Free from Google Play Store

  • Install it on your device, open the app and grant root permission when asked by the app.
  • Now go to System Apps and select the bloatware apps to delete from your Android.

uninstall bloatware from Android

  • Select Backup and Delete option in the pop up window to uninstall bloatware from Android.

That’s it. This is all you have to do to disable Bloatware on Android. For any other query on how to disable bloatware on Android comment below.  Thank You…………

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