Download Contra Evolution for Android: Best Guide

Contra Evolution for Android:- Although android is known for a whole lot of apps and games but still there are some games which are played worldwide and are also not available directly to various platforms. Some of these games include the tekken series, contra evolution etc etc. So in this article today we are talking a very simple and additive game and I’ll also provide the download link to download contra evolution for android. Almost all of us at some point of time must have played this game. It is a very additive game with not so good graphics but with quite challenging gameplay. So this article today tells you how to download contra evolution for android.

contra evolution for android

Contra Evolution For Android:

Now before getting towards how to download contra evolution for android, let’s quickly take a look at the features of this amazing game. Contra evolution is basically an arcade format game in which you have a player who has got 3 or 4 lives and you have to fight the enemies. It is a 2 dimensional gun game in which you also receive various special weapons or powers which makes the game more interesting. For PC there is a multiplayer option available, in android also you can compete with your friends. It is a level based game and is a successor of the contra game. In between many versions were launched of the same game. The new version includes some more stages and two new female players along with some updated graphics. Konami is the developer of this game which is a Chinese developer. The basic storyline of the game revolves around run and shoot them up. So now let’s take a look at how to download Contra evolution for android.

Given below is the download link from where you can directly download the Contra evolution for Android:

Download Contra Evolution

Easy Installation Guide:

  • Download contra evolution for android from the link given above.
  • Install it in your device.
  • Once installed fully you can easily play the game with no further issues.
  • You’re done


So this was all about how to download contra evolution for android. For further doubts and queries please feel free to share your views via comments. Thank you.

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