How to Change Bluestacks Proxy Settings, Use a Proxy Server

How to Change Bluestacks Proxy Settings: Bluestacks emulater helps users to install Android apps and play android games on Windows and Mac PC with great ease. What you have to do is to install bluestacks and install games Android apps on your PC using APK or Bluestacks search option. There are cases when Bluestacks search option might not be working due to some bad gateway or Bluestacks Windows Proxy settings. Due to this you might not be able to download apps directly from Bluestacks Emulator. In this article we are going to discuss how to change Internet proxy server in Bluestacks. After reading this post you will know how to use a proxy server and how to change Bluestacks proxy settings easily.

A HTTP proxy server is required to provide Bluestacks access to Internet by itself. There are several proxy software to change Internet Proxy settings in Windows. We are going to use a proxy app ProxyCap to change windows proxy server settings or to change bluestacks proxy settings. Just follow the below mentioned guide and you will be able to change bluestacks proxy settings or set up bluestacks proxy on your PC, How to use Bluestacks from behind a Proxy Network.
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How to Change Bluestacks Proxy Settings

All you have to do is to download proxy app call ProxyCap and install it on your PC (Windows/Mac). After slight modification to configuration you will be able to use Bluestacks with a proxy network.

How to Set Up HTTP Proxy Server

  • From right bottom corner “Right Click” on ProxyCap taskbar icon and select ConfigurationHow to change Bluestacks Proxy settings
  • Go to Proxies Category
  • Tap on New button on toolbarHow to change Bluestacks Proxy Settings
  • Select HTTP from drop down list
  • Fill in other settings and press OK

How to change http proxy server

How to Set Up HTTPS Proxy Server

  • Go to Proxies >> New button >> Select HTTPS
  • Fill in the details for HTTPS proxy server, server address and authorization settings should be same as HTTP proxy server

How to change HTTPS proxy server windows

After changing HTTP and HTTPS proxy servers we will have to add routing rules for Bluestacks.

How to create Routing Rules for HTTP Proxy

  • Go to Rules category
  • Tap on New button on toolbar a new pop up window will open.

How to use a proxy server

  • Navigate to Rules Action section and select the name of HTTP proxy server you have created
  • Go to Program section >> Specify >> click on Browse button

how to change Internet Proxy server settings

  • Go to Bluestacks program folder. In 32-bit Windows this folder is located in Program Files and on 64-bit Windows in Program files (x86)
  • Now select HD-Network.exe and click open

how to change Bluestacks proxy settings

  • Now in Destination Port Range, click Specify and type 80 in the first port field
  • Enter a display name for the rule in Rule Name section and press OK

For HTTPS proxy server

  • Select HTTPS proxy instead of HTTP proxy
  • Type 443 in place of the port 80. Rest of steps are same
  • Give a name in the Rule Name section and click OK.

How to change Windows Proxy settings

You are done and successfully change Bluestacks Proxy settings. Run Bluestacks and enjoy direct downloading of apps. However these configurations will help you if your PC uses a proxy server to connect Internet.

How to set up remote desktop connection in Windows

The Bluestacks program files (HD-Agent.exe and HD-Frontend.exe) require an Internet access. So if your System does not use a proxy server follow the below step to change bluestacks proxy settings in Windows/Mac.

For HTTP proxy server

  • Select the rule for HTTP proxy server
  • Tap on Properties button on toolbar

How to change Internet proxy setting in Windows

  • Select Programs tab
  • Add HD-Agent.exe and HD-Frontend.exe to the program list

Change Bluestacks Proxy Settings

For HTTPS Proxy server

  • Select the rule for created for HTTPS proxy server

How to set up proxy server for Bluestacks

  • Repeat the step followed for HTTP server to add HD-Agent.exe and HD-Frontend.exe to program list.
  • Click OK and you are done.

You have successfully created Internet Proxy server for Bluestacks (Windows/Mac). If you have any other query, let us know by commenting below

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