Browse Kik Users: Easy Methods To Find New Friends Online

Browse Kik Users: Easy Methods To Find New Friends Online – Released in October, 2010 by Canadian company Kik Interactive, Kik Messenger (Android/iOS) is an alternative way to chat with other people anywhere in the world!

browse kik users

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In 2009, a group of students from the University of Waterloo resolved to put up their own company with the goal of shifting computing from the PC to the smartphone. What differentiates Kik from other messaging apps/service is the fact the Kik makes use of usernames instead of phone numbers. With this system, the users have total control of their account and who they chat with on Kik.

Aside from this advantage, the app has other tools that allow users to share content with other Kik users. The company’s developers use these tools to deliver great user-experience to their fans. Kik Interactive can do this because they are funded by big time venture capitalists that helped other well-known sites like Foursquare, Twitter and Zynga.

To appreciate how big Kik has become, see the figures below:

  • Number of employees – 300
  • 300 million users in 230 countries
  • 2.5 million Kik-optimized websites shared by users daily

Pretty impressive figures for a company started by students 7 years ago, right? The good news is that Kik keeps growing everyday. This is the reason why I want to share this article with you.

Browse Kik Users: 5 Tips To Find New Friends Online

Finding Kik users online is very easy. There are at least 3 ways to browse Kik users via their usernames. For this article, I will show you 2 sites where you can find Kik users online and a procedure recommended by the Kik site itself to find Kik friends.

Let me outline the 5 easy ways to find Kik friends first:

  1. The easiest way is to share your Kik profile on all the social networks you’re a member or using like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others.
  2. Share your Kik Code online.
  3. Visit the websites in your Kik’s browser (Match & Chat/Would Ya?)
  4. Comment on Kik’s Instagram and Facebook Page posts. You’ll find a lot of new Kik pals there.
  5. Just ask “What’s your Kik?” everywhere online and you will surely get a lot of responses.

Do the 5 tips above and you’ll have new Kik friends fast. Next, I will show you two websites that find Kik users via their usernames.

Browse Kik Users: Websites To Find New Friends Online

The first site is

Browse Kik Users

Be forewarned though: the site may show “explicit” photos and words that are not suitable for children. When you visit the site, you’ll be greeted with the above “Sign up” page so you can share you Kik username with other users. After creating your account, you can start to browse Kik users or search for them when you have logged in to your account.

The next site is

browse kik users

Similar to kikfriender, allows you to create your account then login to browse kik users. I found this site more “decent” that the first one because the profile photos I saw of the users were child-friendly. Again, as with all sites on the internet, viewer-discretion is advised.

After creating your account, you can then send messages to people you find interesting. The site also lets you filter the location so you can find other kik users near you. If you’re looking for new kik friends, you should definitely visit this site.

The video below shows you another easy way to find kik users online. You have to download an app first to continue with this procedure and add new friends on kik.

You will surely be very busy after adding new kik friends if you followed my guide. If you found this article useful, please share it with your friends. Be sure to comment below if you have other ways to browse kik users online.

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