Book IRCTC Tickets via M-pesa Using Vodafone

Book IRCTC Tickets via M-pesa Using Vodafone:- Going out for a vacation is always a good feel, but to go out you have to book tickets if you are opting for the Indian railways which is quite a hectic process. No one usually likes to do so. Nowadays you can still do it online but earlier people had to go to the station to serve the purpose. Basically the steps involves are you have to open the IRCTC which is the official website for Indian Railways, check the schedules of the Trains and then book the seats which suits you the best. Now Vodafone as we all know is one of the leading telecom sectors has taken a step to let the users do their tickets without any cumbersome process. So let’s take a quick look at the highlights of this topic.

Book IRCTC Rail Tickets via M-pesa Using Vodafone

Vodafone today itself announced its all new tie up with the IRCTC for the booking of the railway tickets online. The users can book the tickets through the Vodafone M-Pesa mobile phone payment system. Now another thing which may somehow distract the users is are the transaction safe enough? The answer to the question is yes, as Vodafone has also tied up with the Bharat BPO for the safety of the transactions made by the user. To Book the tickets the user just have to download an app called “139 Railways Reservation” which can be downloaded by giving an SMS saying “TICKET” to 111. The data usage will be deducted for the app download and after which you can use it without any data usage. A User can check for reservation and booking without any data usage, which is one of the best benefit of this tie up. Vodafone M-pesa customers will have to fill their details regarding the booking in the app itself and then after entering the M-pin they can authorize their transaction. In case of any cancellation the refund will be returned to the M-pesa wallet. All the information regarding the Refund, PNR status, Reservation will be available in the mobile application.

This was all about Book IRCTC Tickets via M-pesa using Vodafone. So in the end just would like to conclude that with the help of growing technology things are getting easier day by day. Who had thought that booking train tickets would be so simple one day?

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