Best Bluestacks Alternatives For 2015: An Eye

Best Bluestacks Alternatives For 2015:- Bluestacks as we all know is an android emulator with the help of which you can easily play and use all the android apps in your windows operating system PC.  Now why there is a need to have these emulators is because sometimes you just get bored of the small screen of your Smartphone and you want to switch it your Laptop or PC. In that one thing which works as a boon is the android emulator. One such very popular android emulator is the Bluestacks which earned a lot of fame in the past 2 years. So in this article today I’m going to give you the best Bluestacks alternatives for 2015.

bluestacks alternatives

Bluestacks Alternatives for 2015:

Before getting towards the Best alternatives for 2015 let’s quickly take a look at why there is a need to have these alternatives is Bluestacks is already out there? So the bluestacks though is one of the most used emulator but has some lags like it may cause the system to slow down. Also it is a bit sluggy and is not up to the mark. So I’ve decide to provide you with the best Bluestacks alternatives of 2015.

Given below is the list of the best Bluestacks alternatives of 2015:

  • YouWave Android Emulator:

bluestacks alternatives

The first one in our list of the best Bluestacks alternatives for 2015 is the YouWave android emulator. Now the reason why I’ve kept it at the first position is because this emulator does not need any high end specifications of the windows PC in which it is to be installed. With the YouWave you can download thousands of apps available in the app store within the YouWave. But one thing with this is that you have to ay inorder to get this emulator. You can either purchase it using PayPal or Google Wallet. Some of the features include:

  1. Runs on all windows xp/vista/7
  2. Multi player online gaming facility is enabled.
  3. SD card functions also available.

Download YouWave From Here

  • Genymotion Emulator:

bluestacks alternatives

Genymotion is yet another Bluestacks alternatives for 2015. One cool feature of genymotion is that it can be used to run android as on both windows and Mac OS. It is quite fast and has got a very user friendly interface and hence is trusted by a lot of developers across the globe. It displays many windows at the same time as it has got the feature to resize display windows. Other features include

  1. Copy paste between android and windows
  2. Drag and drop facility available.
  3. Paid as well as free

Download Genymotion From Here

  • Andy Emulator:

bluestacks alternatives

Andy is yet another Bluestacks alternatives just like the above mentioned Bluestacks alternatives. It can also be used for both windows and Mac OS. It is a very tough competitor of the Bluestacks and the Youwave emulator and is ahead of both of them in all respects. Using this you can easily download as directly to your windows PC. Other features include:

  1. Free of cost
  2. App sync to Smartphone.
  3. Ensures up to date android OS.
  4. Runs apps from desktop.

Download Andy From Here

  • Android for PC Emulator:

Just like the other emulator android for PC is one more bluestacks alternatives for 2015. Basically it is a VM Virtual box that can play android apps on PC. This is slightly tricky method as it requires a bootable CD to install this emulator. Other features include:

  1. All android apps available
  2. Appearance can be customized and adjusted according to need.
  3. Basically used by advanced users.
  • Android x86 Emulator:

bluestacks alternatives

Under the best Bluestacks alternatives for 2015, the last but not the least emulator is the Android x86 emulator. It is one of the most advanced emulators present till date. It is basically a project to port android open source project to x86 platform. It is being tested in a variety of platforms. Other features include:

  1. WiFi support.
  2. Better disk installer.
  3. External monitor support.
  4. Bluetooth, G Sensor etc

Download Android x86 from here


So this was all about the best Bluestacks alternatives for 2015. By using these you can easily lay and install android apps on PC without any further problems. For further doubts and queries regarding the Bluestacks alternatives please feel free to share your views via comments. Thank you..

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