How to Block or Unblock a Number on iPhone

How to Block/Unblock a Number on iPhone: There are people who we don’t want to call us. They can be ex-lovers, some disgruntled friends or boss. All of us have a list of those who we want to stop from calling or texting us. You can block and Unblock a number on iPhone very easily. We will show in this post how to Block people on iPhone and also how to unblock a number on iPhone easily. Just follow the below guide to block or unblock a number on iPhone.

There are several ways to block a number on iPhone. You can block people on iPhone within the Settings app or the Phone, Messages and FaceTime apps. The Settings app works best of all if the contact is already saved on your device. You can also block random people from calling you. Steps to block a caller on iPhone:

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How to block a number on iPhone

  • Go to Settings >> Phone >> Blocked

how to block or unblock a number on iPhone

  • Now tap on Add New…>> Fill in the name of person you want to block
  • Now the contacts (Emails and Phone Numbers) from that person will be added to blocked list.

If you want to block random phone numbers from calling and texting you

  • In the call log tap the I button by the number you want to block. Do same for messaging contacts.
  • Scroll down and tap on Block This Caller

How to Unblock a Number in iPhone

If you want to unblock a contact in iPhone you can do it very easily. It is very simple to unblock a caller in iPhone as to block a contact in iPhone. Just follow the steps below to unblock a number in iPhone to allow them calling, messaging and FaceTime.

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Steps to unblock a number on iPhone

  • Go to Settings >> Phone >> Scroll down and tap on Blocked to see the list of blocked numbers
  • Tap on Edit button >> now tap on Red(-)minus button alongside a contact name to Unblock caller on iPhone

block or unblock a number on iPhone

  • Confirm by tapping big red Unblock button to unblock people on iPhone.
  • Do for all contact you want to unblock on your iPhone and tap on Done to finish
  • That’s all you have to do to unblock a number on iPhone .

You can also follow the same method to block callers on iPad, or iPod touch and you can also unblock a number on iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with same method mentioned above.

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You can now block or unblock a number on iPhone as per your convenience. If someone is irritating or unfriendly to you block them. You can also unblock people on iPhone very easily, so be free to block a number on iPhone and unblock a number on iphone anytime you need. If you have any other query, comment below….

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