Best iOS8 Extensions You Must Have

Apple iOS8 has brought a lot of new features and stuff in it. The new iOS8 has many new app extensions that you must have. Extensions and widgets are great to add more functionality to your iOS. Here we are discussing best iOS8 extensions that you should not miss. The new iOS8 allows your apps to work together as they worked in Android. This feature unlocks a lot of functionality and new experience in iOS.

Best iOS8 Extensions That You Must Have


Password managers make the Internet a much more manageable place. 1Password is probably the best password manager on the App store. Previously all the passwords were automatically stored and you don not even know them. If you were on a login page than you must use 1Password app to find your password and than copy and paste it in the login page. But now 1Password lets you easily key in passwords while browsing in Safari. When ever a login is required you have to only tap the share button and than 1Password. It will automatically detect the website and once you have entered the master password the app handles the rest work by itself. 1Password will autofill all your information. Keeper and Lastpass also have launched similar extensions.

Best iOS8 Extensions


Pocket extension for browsers easily save the websites you look at. The recent update adds the functionality with Safari. Previously Safari did not let you to save articles and URLs directly to this read-later app. But now Pocket extension pop-up in Safari and save articles in one click.
Instapaper has also launched a similar extension to Pocket. When you tap on share button and if you don’t see pocket, tap on more button and switch on Pocket. Another ap extension Learnist let you save your web pages to learn things. It lets you create neat collections of articles which you need. you can save articles directly from Safari. Pinterest a social networking app has also launched extension that lets you pin things to your account from Safari without leaving the browser.

best iOS8 Extensions
Camera Plus

This app is updated with photos integration to allow you edit photos directly in the Photos app. By this extension you can use a powerful suite of photo editing tools. This app costs INR120.

Camera Plus extension for iOS


Now you can share directly to Evernote with the Share Sheet and you can set it up so that Evernote’s quick note bar is in Notification center. By using evernote you can write and save notes directly from Safari.


Now you can access files stored in cloud storage service Box through other apps. Dropbox added a new Notification center widget that lets you see the changed and updated files. Both Box and Dropbox let you share files directly to their apps.

Best iOS8 Extensions

You Tube & Vimeo

You can upload videos to You Tube directly from the photos app, just open Photos app, find the video and click share button. Vimeo is a similar extension which is much simpler and faster than older method of uploading videos to You Tube.

Best iOS8 Extensions

N3twork: This app lets you share your videos that you opened in Safari and Photos app also. These videos are shared to N3twork.

iMovie: This app lets you edit videos directly in the Photos app without leaving the app. It costs INR300.

Transmit: You can share media directly to your FTP server. It uses share sheets so you can easily send files to your FTP server from any app. it costs INR620

Scaner pro: By this extension you can send photos of documents from Photos app to Scanner Pro for scanning and saving.

OmniFocus/Clear: These lets you put all upcoming to-dos in the Notification center.

Calender5: Now integrates with Notification center and you can add new events from Notification center

Hours: Time tracking app now has Notification center widget for quicker log to work hours.

Day One: This journaling app was updated to support both sharing and widgets.

Yahoo weather and PCalc aslo have been updated so that they can be added to the Notification center.

Extensions and widgets improve the functionality and user experience and also increase the iOS to perform better. But you must have installed apps to use the extensions and you have to enable the new extensions as they are disable by default. You can enable the extensions manually without any problems as follows:

Photo editing extensions:

  • Tap on a photo in the Photos app
  • Tap “Edit” button
  • Click on “…” button in top left corner
  • Tap “More” and add extensions.

Share Sheets to share content between apps:

  • Tap “Share” button in Safari or in any app
  • Tap “More” on the top row and get lists of available Share Sheets.

Widgets extensions:

  • Pull down Notification center
  • Scroll to Bottom
  • Press “Edit”

Safari Extensions:

  • Tap Share button in Safari
  • Scroll to “More” option in bottom row.

These are the best iOS8 Extensions we know till now and there are tonnes of new Extensions to come soon for the new iOS8. As the time is going new extension are being added by the companies and apps for iOS8 to improve the functionality and performance of the apps in iOS. So be updated for the extensions and enjoy great working and entertainment on iOS.

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