Best Android Apps to Learn English: Must Have

Best Android Apps to Learn English:- A Smartphone is called smart because it usually helps you with every single aspect, and to serve the same a whole lot of apps are available. In this article we’ll talk about the android department. So as per the English language is concerned it is one of the most crucial languages in the world. So its knowledge is very important. English is the Global language of Business. The previous line itself claims the importance of English language in one’s life. So in order to be a successful person one must have a proper knowledge about the language. Now your Smartphone can also help you to learn this language as many apps are there in the android store to enable a person to learn this language. So this article gives you the best android apps.

  • Pandorabots English Tutor:-

Best Android Apps to Learn English

Pandorabots English Tutor is a perfect app for those who want to learn and practice English. Many a times people want to learn English but the problem comes when no companion is there to help him about. For such people this pandorabot is the perfect partner to play the role of your partner. It gets indulged in a conversation with you and whenever you say something it gives back perfect human like response. The name of the robot is mike and he’s made to answer all the questions perfectly. It can also answer GK questions. Through the responses one can learn how to speak in a right manner and can sometimes also correct the basic grammatical mistakes most learners make. You can download the app from android store and it is available for free.

  • Busuu:-

best android apps to learn english

Busuu is yet another top rated android app that lets you learn English language and also along with this it also teaches many other languages but our major concern is English so we’ll talk about English only. It allows you to learn keywords and phrases and to practice whatever you have learned with many native speakers in order to make you practice the thing you have learned. It is an award winning app that makes trips for you and if you pass then you get promoted to the next level. This app is also available in the play store for free.

  • Fluent English Plus:-

best android apps to learn english

Fluent English plus is one app that lets you to speak in English fluently. It allows you to practice in such an environment that lets you learn a lot. Many native speakers are made to speak with you in order to learn how to do it correctly. The app also provides many audio books, texts to study and also any word which you cannot understand can be translated by just one tap. The only problem with the app is that it is not for beginners, you should have at least some knowledge about the English language. This is an upgraded version and is available in the android store for free.

  • Learn English:-

best android apps to learn english

The Learn English is an app from the Anspear developers. This app is a perfect app for the beginners. It has got quite an easy interface with over 1600 Native speaker’s recordings along with many images, phrases and many grammatical exercises. The Learn English app’s syllabus is made according to ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) exam. The app is divided into 11 parts in order to make the learning process more systematic. Additional features include interactive picture dictionary, vocabulary flashcards etc.

  • ESL Daily English:-

best android apps to learn english

ESL Daily English is a helper application to make the people learn English language. It is a beginner’s guide. In this various episodes are made for the ease of the user. The user can also get mp3 for any episode also he can translate any episode to his language. It is also an upgraded version app and the older version is also available in the play store. It is one of the highest rated app in the league, it has got a 4.6 rating out of 5. It is available in the play store for free.


So these were the best android apps to learn English language. Hope these will help you a lot. Parents can also read the guide and use the apps for their children. A little effort will make you speak English fluently. Not a bad deal at all. Also the apps have got a very nice and attractive interface so learning now becomes more interesting.

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