Best Android Apps For Hindi Music: A Guide

Best Android Apps For Hindi Music:- Music is like a lifeline to a lot of people, in fact everyone in this world is connected to music to some or the other extent. Music is one thing which is like a best friend to you. It is there for you every time weather you are sad or you are happy etc. After looking at the popularity of this thing the app developers also made a lot of efforts to give the audience their lifeline. Today a whole lot of apps are available in the android play store to listen free Hindi music. One more thing which is a point of concern is that you cannot download and keep each and every song in your Smartphone due to lack of space or whatever may be the reason behind it. So in this type of situation you need to have an app that makes you hear the songs as and when you want without downloading the song. So in this I’m going to tell you the best Android apps for Hindi music.

  • Saavn:-

Best Android Apps For Hindi Music

Saavn is one such app that brings you a whole lot of Hindi songs. You can find your favorite songs in this app also you can make a playlist out of the best songs you want. Free music is available to you in just one click. The app is a new one and is quite a good rated app in the android play store. This app is available in the play store just for free. A higher version to this app is the Saavn pro. It is an ad free app with no contracts or obligations. You can also download the songs to listen offline.

  • Gaana:-

Best Android Apps For Hindi Music

Gaana is another good app for listening to online music. It is an app version of one of the best online music store i.e the Along with the new Bollywood and old classics the user also has the freedom to listen a whole of songs in regional languages i.e Tamil, Kannada, Punjabi etc. Gaana gives you an access to more than 3 million songs. You can also get the lyrics of the songs you want. A higher version to this app is the Gaana plus with which you can download the song you want. You can also get the video of the song you want. The Gaana plus is also an ad free app which allows you to listen a great variety of songs in high quality audio.

  • Bollywood Songs and Hindi Music:-
Best Android Apps For Hindi Music

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Bollywood Songs and Hindi Music is another app to provide over 2 million songs to the customer on demand. Other than the Hindi songs a great variety of regional songs are also added in this app just to make sure that people whole love regional songs don’t feel left out. The App is specially made to suit your mood. All you have to do is you have to click the mood you are having i.e happy or sad etc the playlist corresponding to that mood will start and will make you feel better. So the best music is at your tips and that too without any buffering. Another feature is that you can sing along the song as lyrics are also available in this app.

  • My Songs Mp3 Downloader:-

Best Android Apps For Hindi Music

Though this is an Mp3 Downloader app but since it is also a good rated app so I’ve added it to this list. Its size is just 331 kb. The app has got a separate list for Hindi and English songs and it also works quite effectively with 2g coverage. The process to download any song is quite simple. Just click and download process. The only thing is that as we can judge from the size of the app that this app doesn’t upload any song it’s just like it gives you a path to reach to the song that is available online. But the availability of songs is undoubtedly great. So it’s worth a chance.


So this was all about the best Android apps for Hindi music. Hope you like them. In the end just would like to conclude by saying that these apps are like a boon for the music lovers and they all deserve at least a trial.

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