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The Samsung Gear VR Headset May Cost Around $200

The new era of technology has made Virtual Reality to come true. Oculus has been making Oculus Rift virtual reality headset to experience the whole world beyond your vision. Samsung also tied up with Oculus to make its own virtual reality headset. Samsung is going to launch

Transfer Files upto 10 GB using We Transfer

We Transfer is an online File-transferring platform. It has been there since 2009 in Amsterdam. By, using We Transfer you can transfer files easily at much faster speeds without any hustle, stress or charge. We Transfer has overcame the problems of other file transferring apps that does

Google working on its own Quantum Computer

Google has made plans to increase their efforts in making quantum computer. Google’s Quantum Artificial Intelligence (AI) lab said that it will start designing new quantum information processors based on superconducting electronics. Quantum computers can compute at many times faster rate than that of conventional computer. They

Document Writer for iPhone and iPad: An Eye

Apple Products as we all know has captivated almost every market worldwide. The products are well known and one of the most reputed segments as per gadgets is concerned. Like the android there are a whole lot of apps available in the Apple store (itunes), but the

Top New Android Apps (Paid) on Google Play Store

Android users are always up with lot of new and interesting apps. Google Play Store is full of thousands of apps for your android and adding a lot every minute. These apps make your device complete by giving you what you needed. At Google Play Store there