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How to Fix Error 3194 Successfully When Downgrading iPhone

People who downgrade their iPhones can sometimes be confronted by strange and confusing error messages. One of these error messages is Error 3194. This error message appears when trying to open iTunes, download files, or use Home Sharing, among other things. This message appears to be confusing

How To Root Verizon Note 4 in 6 Simple Steps

As many know, rooting a phone can be a valuable way to maximize that device’s capabilities. Unwanted stock apps and functions can finally be eliminated and a phone can truly be customized to a person’s needs.There are some dangers, so be aware that a rooted device is

How To Unroot Your Nexus 6P

What is Rooting? Rooting is the process of allowing Android device users to get privileged control over the subsystems of these devices and be granted administrative or superuser permissions. By doing this, users get control of the limitations placed on devices by hardware manufacturers and wireless carriers.

How to Disable Bloatware on Android Without Root

How to Disable Bloatware on Android: Bloatware apps are the pre-installed apps on Android devices as freebies. Everyone likes freebies most of the time, but almost all bloatware apps on Android remain unused all the time. However the bloatware apps use the system resources in background process.