Asphalt Overdrive Out for Android & iOS: An eye

Games undoubtedly are an important part of our day to day lives. From a small kid to a middle aged adult, everyone loves playing games on computers or on their Smartphone. Today a whole lot of categories are available as per games are concerned out of which you may select the one which suits you the best. Earlier games used to be of small size and low graphic qualities but now time has changed a lot, and same is with the games. Games have become realistic and this is the only reason for the high end fame of these softwares.

Whenever someone talks about the racing games, especially car racing then one name which is almost at the tips of everyone is the Asphalt. A valid reason to back the statement is that 8 parts or levels of this game are already being played by the users and here comes the 9 and the latest part of Asphalt, i.e the Asphalt Overdrive which is out for the Android and the iOS systems. Though the windows version is not yet out but it is also expected to arrive after some time.

Asphalt Overdrive Out for Android & iOS

The Asphalt as we all know is being developed by one of the most successful game developers viz the Gameloft. Asphalt overdrive was already showcased in June in the E3 event by Gameloft. It is a premium multiplayer lane based car racing game that allows the user to compete with the system or with his friends. The Game has got real licensed cars from the era of 80’s with the help of which a user can race with the rivals, challenge the bosses, win the races and unlock new cars and areas. He can also perform various stunts, and to give the game a realistic touch various cop activities are also added whenever any breaking of rules takes place. You can also earn gold and cash and customize your cars to make them more powerful and good. The Multi player also lets the user to play with Social Media friends like the Facebook friends etc. Users can also buy upgrades for their cars by paying manually. Gold bars can be used to increase the power levels. This was all about the Today’s article Asphalt Overdrive out for Android & iOS.

However a whole lot of authentic features are given to the game but one thing due to which most of the users may feel left out are the controls of the game as the game has got only a swipe gesture control. The game is available in the android store and the apple store for download. Windows version will be available later.

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