Angry Birds Transformer Version Out: App Specs

Angry Birds Transformer Version Out:- Games as we all know are one of the best ways of entertainment for any age group. Though some games are just made to pass our time however others are so adventurous and challenging that just passing a mission causes a whole lot of happiness and builds are confidence. Games are a means to release the stress during exam times. One such adventurous and challenging game is the Angry Birds, in which we have to kill the enemies by aiming at them and smashing the constructions being made in between the enemies and the birds. Various versions of the game are already out in the market. But this time the developer has just mixed the two most famous characters i.e the Angry Birds and the Transformers, which resulted in a truly awesome game called as the Angry Birds Transformers.

Angry Birds Transformer Version Out

The developer of this game Rovio always to bring in something new to the game, this time too the game is very appealing and has got the birds in the form of transformers. The game is available in the android playstore for download. The size of the game is 128 MB, which is though large enough but it itself tells about the level of the game. The app is already out for Apple users earlier this month. Like in the transformers there are autobots and decepticons, Similarly in this we have got autobirds which will rival against the deceptihogs.  Also the new version is quite different from the previous versions. In this one the birds are moving and using a wide range of powerful weapons to destroy the constructions and the decepticons as well as the pigs. Mainly the red angry bird is made like the Optimus Prime and son on all the previous characters are transformed to newer ones. Also the sounds of the transformers are given to their respective counterparts, so as to make the game more interesting while playing.

So this was all about the Angry Birds Transformers Version Out for the Android department. For further doubts and queries feel free to share via comments..

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