Android Speech Recognition: Very Easy-To-Follow Tutorial

Android Speech Recognition: Very Easy-To-Follow Tutorial – Android speech recognition is a very convenient way to “talk” to you Android devices. It also makes your life easier and safe. With android speech recognition you can do the following and more:

  • Send a text message to your friends and loved ones using voice to text.
  • Set event reminders to your Android devices via voice.
  • Drive safely by texting using android speech recognition
  • Control your smart home using your voice and your android device.
  • Help a visually challenged person use his/her Android device

Android Speech Recognition

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There are many speech tutorials for Android in the internet but these are geared for the developers. For this tutorial, I will focus on the average Android device user. No technical stuffs like coding skills or programs to install. We will use the built-in Android speech recognition software for this procedure.

Android Speech Recognition: Using Built-In Speech Software

Android has an excellent built-in speech recognition function which we will use. The screenshots will vary depending on the version of Android installed on your device. Just follow the procedure below to take advantage of this Android feature.

Step 1. Go to “Settings” > “Language & Input“.

Android Speech Recognition

Step 2. In “Language & Input“, go to “Voice Input

Android Speech Recognition

Step 3. Select the “Voice Input Service” you want.

Android Speech Recognition

Step 4. Next, go to “Text-To-Speech Output” and choose your text-to-speech engine you want. You can download addition speech engines if you do not want the default. On this setting screen, you can control the speech rate and listen a sample of how your device will sound like when it “talks“.

Android Speech Recognition

Step 5. Tap the “Preferred Engine” to set the language your “Text-To-Speech” system will use.

Android Speech Recognition

Step 6. Go to “Voice” to tweak additional settings for your speech output on your Android device.

Android Speech Recognition

Android Speech Recognition: Testing Speech Recognition

You should have Android Speech Recognition properly set up after doing the above steps. Open any app that will use the keyboard input to try out your devices’ speech recognition capabilities. For this purpose, open the “Contacts” app on your device (remember, any app that uses the keyboard will do).

Android Speech Recognition

Long tap on the key with the “Microphone” to activate “Speech Recognition” (see above screenshot).

Android Speech Recognition

Tap the button with the microphone to start speaking to your device. Hold you Android device close to your mouth and start speaking. Use a headset with a physical microphone for better voice recognition. Speak naturally as the new android devices have powerful central processing units that can process information faster that before.

It may take some time for your device to properly recognize your speech. This is especially so if you have an accent. The common rules of English apply to speech recognition too. If you need to punctuate your speech, for instance, you want a “period” at the end of a sentence, just say “period“. This goes for other punctuation marks also.

Here is a video you can watch of Android speech recognition in action.

Android speech recognition may become an essential part of your busy daily life. It makes your mobile tasks like sending text message and emails a breeze.

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