Android Alarm Clock Tutorial: Easy Alarm Clock Setup

Android Alarm Clock Tutorial: Easy Alarm Clock Setup – Android’s built-in alarm clock is very useful. It is one of the most used app in anyone’s mobile. Still, some people find setting up an alarm to be confusing. But when you give it some time to learn the app’s functions, it’s very easy.

You may want to setup an alarm as a reminder. An alarm to wake you up to get ready for the office/school/appointment. Since most people own a smartphone with the alarm clock app installed, we can use that for convenience.

The Android alarm clock app has multiple alarm settings. You can set different alarm times and use different tones for each alarm. This way, you’ll know which alarm sound is for what event. This is an easy way to remind yourself of all your appointments and schedules.

For those who find setting the Android alarm clock a bit alarming, please see our very easy tutorial to get to know the app and setup your Android alarm clock.

Android Alarm Clock Tutorial

Functional Android Alarm Clock

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Android Alarm Clock Tutorial: Easy Alarm Clock Setup

To setup an alarm using the Android alarm clock, follow the easy instructions below:

Step 1. Tap on your phone to show the app drawer.

android alarm clock tutorial

Home Screen

Step 2.  Find the “Clock” app in your app drawer. Touch the icon to open it.

android alarm clock tutorial

The Clock App

Step 3.  Once open, you can now touch the setup alarm.

android alarm clock tutorial

Setup an alarm

Step 4.  You can have more than one alarm setup.

android alarm clock tutorial

Additional alarm scheduled

Step 5.  You can also set the tone and vibration options for each alarm set.

android alarm clock tutorial

Ring tone and Vibration Options

Step 6.  You can also delete any previously set alarm.

android alarm clock tutorial

Choose the alarm you want to delete

You now know how to setup and delete alarms for your schedules using our Android alarm clock tutorial. You also learned how to set additional functions like ringtone and vibration for your alarm.

If you found this post helpful, please let us know. Share it also with your friends who have busy schedules and need so setup their own alarms.



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