How To Access Websites While Offline: Best Guide

Access Websites While Offline:- Internet nowadays is like a lifeline. You can do almost anything and everything using Internet. Its like a boon to the modern society. It serves a lot of purposes and makes our life simpler. It is a source of widespread information and that too about every possible thing you can imagine in your life. No one can imagine a life without internet. But many times it happens that you don’t have an internet connection or you visit to a place where there is no internet connection and you need to check any website on the internet quite importantly then what would you do? If you too want an answer to this question then you are at the right place as this article tells you how to access websites while offline.

Access Websites While Offline

Access Websites While Offline

Now Before getting towards how to access websites while offline let’s quickly take a look at why there is a need to access websites while offline. It is not possible to have internet everytime and if at that time you need to visit any website it would be very difficult for you to do so. So to serve the purpose i’ve provided you few applications to access websites while offline which are given as follows:

Cyotek Webcopy:

Cytotek Webcopy is one tool which helps you to access websites while offline. It is a free tool which helps you to download any website directly to your Local Disk and which you can use later on. First of all a scanning process is done after the scanning process the whole website gets to your local disk. All the details regarding the website whether its images, texts, pages will be available there in your local disk. You can also select the portion of website you wish to access.


PageNest is yet another tool by the help of which you can access websites while offline. This is a very strong tool and is a combination of HTTrack and GetLeft and contains the features iof both the tools. For those who are unaware let me tell you that HTTrack and Getleft are yet another tools to access websites while offline but we have not mentioned them here as we have mentioned their superset here which is the PageNest. All you have to do is enter the URL of the website you wish to save and give the location where you want to save it. Once the website is saved you can access it while offline.


So this was all about how to access websites while offline. Hope this article will fix your issue and you’ll be able to access websites while offline. In the end just would like to conclude by saying that for further doubts and queries regarding how to access websites while offline please feel free to share via comments. Thank you.

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