The 5.5 Inch Apple iPhone6 May Support landscape Mode Like iPads

The much awaited Apple iPhone6 is about to be launch tomorrow. There have been many reports and leaks about the two variants of the smartphone the 4.7 inch and the 5.5 inch iPhone6. However the latest reports are that the 5.5 inch Apple iPhone6 may support landscape mode for running apps as in iPads, whereas the 4.7 inch Apple iPhone6 is expected to remain identical with portrait mode. The iPhone6 may utilize its larger screen for running apps in landscape mode. On an iPhone or iPod landscape mode is a reshuffled version of portrait mode. It rearranges elements in a way that works when device is held sideways up. The new iPhone6 will provide greater experience with your apps with more features.

Apple iPhone6

Using the Apple SDK iOS simulator, developer Steven has modified iOS simulator settings to resolution of 736 x 414 pixels to 1472 x 828 pixels at 2X and 2208 x 1242 pixels at 3X. He found that apps were making good use of landscape mode. The 5.5 inch Apple iPhone6 could be able to provide a more productive app layout when used in landscape mode, thus enhancing its phablet image.

This modification will enable iPhone6 users to run apps on both portrait and landscape modes. The simulator at landscape mode can display a lot of information such as dual-panes on several apps. The dual-pane interface is like the iOS look on iPads. Apps may have the Adaptive UI feature as talked at WWDC 2014 developer session.

Apple might have to optimize its apps for landscape mode like iPads for the 5.5 inch Apple iPhone6. It might be true that The 5.5 inch Apple iPhone6 may release later than the 4.7 inch iPhone6 with greater features in it.

Nevertheless we will know it all tomorrow when the company launches its new iPhone6 and also a smart wearable may be launched with it. So be ready for the launch of Apple iPhone6 with supporting landscape mode like iPads.

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